This project was my diploma thesis. The goal was the development of an algorithm for automatic playlist continuation using the Spotify Million Playlist Dataset. My approach was based on Collaborative Filtering and was developed with the fast.ai framework.


VioBot is a discord bot and can be used to give warnings/violations to people on your discord server. The bot was more of a fun project and might be a nice little add-in to your discord server.


file-updater is a pypi package and can be installed via pip. It can be used to backup local files to a specific folder and also update already backuped files if they were modified.


This project is basically the same as file-updater and is also available as a pypi package. The difference is that this package backups files to a google drive folder rather than to a local folder.

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spamify provides a REST interface that can classify emails as spam or no spam. The machine learning model was trained on a custom dataset using my own emails and labeling them by hand.


Promana is a project management desktop tool that enables you to automatically start all files of your project on a specific virtual desktop in the IDE of your choice.

file-updater GUI

This project provides a small UI for my file-updater project.


MyGreenFriends is an app that I have developed for myself in order to keep track of my plants and do not forget to water them.


rotatable_overlay is a flutter widget that makes its child rotatable by dragging around its center. It is freely available here.


angle_utils is a small and compact utility library for dealing with all kinds of angles in dart. It is freely available here.